Parent Testimonials

Camp Chameleon has been a terrific experience for my son. Kelli and Amy are both highly skilled educators and quickly form meaningful relationships with all of the children. It was such a good feeling to drop my son off at camp knowing that he was going to be well cared for and that he would get to do fun sensory projects and movement activities. At pick up each day, I enjoyed seeing all the completed projects and the happy campers with smiles on their faces. Christal Delagrammatikas

Kelli and Amy at Camp Chameleon are caring, trained professionals who have over 30 years of experience working with children with special needs. I have personally known them for over 6 years and I strongly recommend their daycare services with enthusiasm and without any reservations.  Simply put,  they are like family, they care for your children as you would!Dr. Luis Sanchez

Camp Chameleon was (and still is) a life saver for our family.  We had been searching for a track-out camp for our son Mason for some time to ensure that he did not lose any skills he had learned during his school breaks, and we could not be happier in having him attend camp with Kelli and Amy.  They have been phenomenal in working with him on his IEP goals and with his communication device.  It has been a wonderful experience and we hope to have Mason continue as a camper with them for years to come!  – Amanda DeSimone-Shabrack

We cannot express how much we love Camp Chameleon. We had been searching for years for any program to assist with our son during track out to help with routine and structure and finally found this camp. Amy and Kelli do not just provide childcare, rather they provide an enriching educational experience that mimics the classroom setting and fosters community for children with disabilities.  Camp Chameleon addresses needs for children with special needs and disabilities in the year-round program that otherwise might not be met. The environment and experience has been more than we could ever imagine and has been a life changer for him and us during track out. Emily W.